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There's no point in creating rules for parking if they are not going to be followed. To keep parkers in line, we utilize the most advanced technologies and procedures to deliver nuanced and consistent enforcement programs. 

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Boots Work Best. 

Placing a boot is much more effective than towing. By placing boots, we created a much more efficient, and positive enforcement experience for both lot owners and parkers. When a parker is towed they are often subject to high fees of more than $300 plus a costly taxi ride to the impound lot. When we place a boot, depending on the violation, the customer will pay anywhere from $20 to $90 and then, once they have paid, they will be immediately able to drive their car off the lot and get back to their life. 


Citations work too.

We prefer booting, however, writing a citation still gets the job done. Generally, citations require a longer follow-up window, thus prolonging the enforcement process. We have developed an online citation payment platform that makes ticketing as painless as possible, for the client and the customer. 

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Signs. Signs. Everywhere are signs. 

As required by law, we supply and place proper signage throughout your parking lot. While other firms might get away with placing smaller signs, or fewer than required, we take our civic responsibilities seriously. Proper signage informs parkers of the conseuences of parking without paying, helping the truly innocent parker avoid enforcement issues. 

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24 Hour Patrol. 

Our presence makes the difference. our Enforcement Agents are on patrol 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Using our custom designed booting vehicles, our Agents routinely survey every lot we enforce upon multiple times a day. With their lights on, our patrolling Agents not only find every violator, but also provide a visible deterrence to potential violators, as well as other issues that may occur on a public parking lot from time to time. 

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Ready for anything. 

We understand that when we work on a client's parking lot, we are representing them as much as we are ourselves. That's why we take training and customer interaction procedures seriously. Being booted is never a fun experience, but our Enforcement Agents are trained to diffuse even the toughest situation in a professional and positive manner.